Strikingly vs Weebly (Head to Head Comparison)

Welcome to this Strikingly and Weebly comparison where I’m expecting it to be a close fought battle.

red and blue ball on the opposite sides of a perfectly balanced set of scalesYou see, from my experience, they both have ease of use at the top of their priority list so I think this battles going to be won in other areas depending on your requirements.

I’m just as intrigued as you are at this point to see who comes out on top so let’s get stuck in!

Comparison Overview

1. Design Templates

When you first get started with Strikingly and Weebly, you’ll need to choose a ready-made template which you can then customize to make it your own (neither lets you start with a blank canvas).

Strikingly gives you a choice of 28 templates and while they look good, it’s not exactly a huge selection. They’re divided into categories such as business, portfolio, and startup, store, and blog.

4 templates from the business category
Selection of Strikingly’s Business templates

The biggest difference to note is, Strikingly’s templates are more focused on the newer style, one-page websites where all of your information is contained on a single page (regular sites are also possible),

Weebly has around twice the number of templates, or as they call them themes. Again, they are categorized similarly to Strikingly.

While you can create a single page website, Weebly’s geared up for the more common type of website that you’re probably used to with multiple pages.

Both platforms allow you to customize the basics such as overall site color, text, and images but other than that, you pretty much confined to the layout of your chosen template.

Templates summary: Both boast good looking, modern templates. Strikingly has a stronger focus on one-page websites where Weebly leans towards multi-page sites and has a larger selection to choose from.

2. Ease of Use

As I mentioned in the intro, Strikingly and Weebly has done a fantastic job making it super easy to create your website in as little time possible. Even if you’re a complete novice.

Inside the Weebly back office where you create your site
Weebly Editor

In addition, both platforms offer you a variety of page layouts

These layouts (sections) can be dragged over to your page which can then be edited to include your own information. Some sections that spring to mind are about, contact, and image galleries.

If I had to choose, I’d have to say that Weebly pips Strikingly to the post and is the more user-friendly between the two. They also have more sections to choose from which will save you time when creating your site.

Ease of use summary: Strikingly and Weebly are a pleasure to use. If I had to choose, I’d say Weebly’s editor is slightly more beginner-friendly and they have more page layouts (sections) to choose from.

3. Features & Flexibility

Strikingly offers all of the basic features you’d expect such as social sharing buttons, blog, store, password protection, contact forms, and image galleries but overall, Strikingly is much more streamlined than Weebly.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as the tools on offer compliment the single page website design perfectly.

Weebly, on the other hand, is much more flexible and boasts over 200 add-on features which are available in their App Center.

selection of apps including tables, forms and live chat
Weebly App center

These Apps come in the form of a live chat feature, pricing tables, membership capabilities, testimonial builders, online booking forms and we’re only scratching the surface.

Many of the apps have been designed by Weebly and others are by third-party developers. Some are free, some have additional costs but come with a lite plan or at least a free trial.

These features can all be installed with just a couple of clicks and means that your website is able to grow alongside your business.

Features summary: Strikingly offers all of the basic features you’d expect but Weebly is much more flexible and is better for larger, more complex sites.

4. Mobile Friendliness

People often wonder when building their own site whether they’ll also have to create a separate mobile version.

You’ll be pleased to hear that in the case of Strikingly and Weebly, the answer is no.

Your website will automatically shrink down to fit smartphones and tablets so it’s something you need not worry about.

How my test site appears on a smartphone
How My Strikingly Test Site Appears On a Smartphone

Strikingly even has a cool feature called a “Mobile Action Bar” that when activated, will display a map, email, and phone icon which makes it much easier for people to locate or contact you.

Well done Strikingly and I hope that Weebly rolls something similar out soon!

Mobile summary: Your website will look fantastic and function properly regardless of which platform you choose. Strikingly makes it easier for visitors to get in touch with you from their mobile devices which is a huge advantage for small businesses.

5. Blogging

Strikingly and Weebly both allow you to start a blog and either would be a great option for a business owner who’s looking to create the odd post to keep visitors informed of the latest industry news or special offers.

example weebly test post
An Example Blog Post on Weebly

However, if you’re creating a standalone blog and intend to create regular articles then Weebly is the stronger option.

They have a few additional features such as the ability to schedule posts and you’ll also have the option of moving your content to a more powerful platform such as WordPress down the line should you ever feel the need.

Blogging summary: Both allow you quickly and easily create a blog but Weebly is the stronger option for a standalone blog.

6. eCommerce Tools

Strikingly offers what they call a “Simple Store” which is easy to set-up and allows you to sell up to 300 products.

However, as with the blog, I feel that Strikingly’s store is better suited to very small stores or as an add-on to your main website as opposed to a standalone shop.

Sample product layout

Weebly’s eCommerce tools are just as easy to use but offer a wider range of features making it a more sensible solution if a store is your main goal.

Weebly allows you to sell both physical and digital products, you can add a shopping cart, manage your inventory, access the shipping and tax calculators and import/export products from a spreadsheet.

eCommerce summary: Strikingly makes it easy to sell physical products from your website but again, Weebly is a better choice for a small/medium standalone store thanks to their more powerful tools which are just as easy to use. You can also sell digital products with Weebly.

7. Help & Support

I’ve contacted both customer service teams on several occasions when creating my test site for my reviews and have always received fast and helpful responses from the guys over at both Strikingly and Weebly.

email revived from Weebly customer services
A Fast Email Response From Weebly Customer Services

Support is provided through email and live chat but Weebly also offers phone support for Pro members or better.

Support summary: Both customer service teams are fantastic and offer live chat and email support. If phone support is important to you the Weebly offers this but only to Pro members (or higher).

8. Pricing

You can try Strikingly and Weebly with a free account before deciding to commit. There’s no time limit on the free plans but some features are restricted and you’ll have the company’s branding on your site.

Note: All prices mentioned here will be for a 1-year-plan billed upfront as it makes it easier to compare. Shorter and longer plans are also available.

Strikingly’s pricing structure is very simple as there are only two premium plans to choose from either Limited or Pro.

Strikingly Pricing Table
Strikingly’s Plans

The limited plan ($8/month) is just that, very limited. While you can connect your own domain name, you’ll still find many features are restricted and you’ll still have to put up with ads on your site and will only be able to create a one-page site.

To remove the ads, unlock features, sell up to 300 products,  and have multiple pages you’ll need the Pro plan which costs $16/month.

Weebly has four premium plans to choose from ranging from $8 to $38 per month.

Prices in US dollars
Weebly Premium Plans

Weebly’s starter plan lets you connect your own domain name and unlike Striking will remove the ads and this plan may be enough if you’re creating a fairly simple site.

The Pro plan ($12/month) gives you phone support, basic membership functionality and allows you to sell up to 25 products.

If you’re starting a store right off the bat, the Business plan ($25/month) will be your best bet as it unlocks more of the eCommerce tools and you won’t have to pay Weebly transaction fees on your sales.

Pricing summary: For a portfolio or business website, Weebly is much cheaper as you won’t have ads on the cheaper plans. For an online shop, Strikingly allows you to sell more products (up to 300) for $16/month whereas Weebly will cost $25/month for anything over 25 products. Just bear in mind that Weebly has a stronger suite of eCommerce tools to help you manage and grow your store.

9. Conclusion – Strikingly vs Weebly

Out of all the comparisons I’ve done, I don’t think I’ve ever come across a clear winner as it depends entirely on what type of website you intend to build.

Strikingly is super easy to use and is a great option for a modern, one-page website that’s perfect for mobile users and all of their features have been adapted perfectly to suit this type of site (Strikingly full review).

Weebly on the other hand, is renowned for its ease of use but is a lot more flexible than Strikingly and is more than capable of growing with you and your business (Weebly full review).

As always in these situations, my advice is to create a free account with one or even both. Spend some time with them and you’ll soon see which one suits you best.

Ready to get stuck in? You can try Strikingly for free or create a free Weebly account here

If you have any questions or you’d like to share your experience with either platform (good or bad), please fire away in the comments section below and I’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible!

2 thoughts on “Strikingly vs Weebly (Head to Head Comparison)”

  1. Hello,
    I’ve read in various places that some site builders either make it difficult or impossible to transfer your site (e.g. to WordPress).

    In particular, I’ve read this about Wix, which is why I dismissed it as an option. Why build up tons of content on a site and not be able to move it if your needs change?

    On the other, I don’t see this aspect consistently covered in reviews. So I wonder if this is even true, or, if so, is it a just a non-factor for some reason.

    I’d love to hear your take on transferability for Wix. As well as what this case is for Strikingly and Weebly.

    Thanks much,

    1. Hi Shannon, great question. It’s true that many website builders “lock you in” to their ecosystem and don’t provide a way for you to transfer your content away to another platform such as WordPress.

      Using as an example, my goal from the beginning was to create hundreds of pages of reviews, comparisons and articles and with that in mind, I realized that I would need a powerful, robust platform and so I decided to use WordPress.

      However, I have friends in various trades (builders, plumbers etc) that have wanted to create their own simple business website but haven’t the time or interest in tackling the steeper learning curve that comes with WordPress.

      For anyone in this situation, I find website builders to be the perfect solution.

      There are a couple of exceptions that come to mind that allow you to export the majority of your content to WordPress down the line if you wish and they are Weebly and Squarespace.

      I’ve dug out a couple of articles for you below from both of these options as they go into a little more detail as to what types of content you’re able to transfer and how;

      How To Properly Move From Weebly To WordPress (step-by-step)
      How To Move From Squarespace To WordPress

      Hope that helps!

      By the way, thanks for taking the time to point out the incorrect link, It’s been fixed.

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