About Lee

I have to say, I’m flattered that you’re taking the time to read about lil ol’ me.

As you’ve probably gathered, my sole aim is to guide you through this brave new world of DIY website building to help you get online.

I’ll try to keep this page as brief as possible as I explain how I got mixed up in all of this website building stuff in the first place.

My Story

Lee pictured with son at home dressed in their Sunday bestMy name’s Lee Raybould, 35 years old from the UK.

I live with my amazing fiancee and my five-year-old son who’s the reason I work so hard.

I got into the whole website building and Online marketing thing several years back after deciding I wanted to start an online business.

That business turned out to be (insert funny throat clearing sound here) an online adult store.

Hey, don’t judge me!

I mean, that stuff sells right, how could I fail?

I found an adult company that offered a generic “done-for-you” website and the option to drop-ship the products direct to the customer’s home when a purchase was made.

I signed up and loaded up the pre-made website with the products I wanted to sell. I sat back and waited for the orders to roll in.

They never came. Not a single one.

I began searching the Internet to see where my site was positioned and to my surprise, I found it buried deep in the bowels of Google where no one would ever find it.

After almost a year of trying, I decided it was time to stop hoping and start learning.

It was at that point I headed over to Google and started searching stuff like “how to build a website” and “how to get a website on page 1 of the search engines”.

Looking back, I think the adult store failure was worth it just to see the look on my friends and families face when I told them, every cloud and all that!

And So My Journey Began

I went on to buy just about every website building and online marketing course that I could afford and that’s where my passion for website building really took off.

I spent months learning the ins and out of popular website building platforms such as WordPress, Wix, and Weebly and from there, I created websites for a range of personal projects including;

  • Second income ideas
  • Helping people with personal debt problems
  • Lead generation sites

Fast Forward a Couple of Years…

I realized that I could take my new found knowledge of creating websites and apply it to helping local businesses in my town.

I loved the idea of working together with small business owners and contribute towards the growing of their business.

So I decided to kick off my new web design career by creating a free website for a family members’ new cleaning business.

I invited him over to our home one evening along with his partner, and we sat down over a coffee (okay, you got me, it was a beer) and we looked through some of the competition to see what they were doing.

After a few hours and pages full of notes, we had compiled all of the basic information needed to get started such as brand colors, logo, business details, and a list of the pages required.

At this point, we all had a clear idea of how the site should look and how it was going to convert visitors into customers with calls-to-action and an online booking form.

The end result?

I hated it. Every darn second!

I remember spending countless hours on the phone with them adding stuff, removing things and tweaking the site until it looked exactly the way they wanted.

And being a bit of a perfectionist, I’d lay awake at night thinking about what I had to do next and worrying in case they didn’t like it.

It’s completely understandable, it was their site after all but I quickly came to the realization that the whole web designer thing just wasn’t how I pictured it.

I completed the website as promised and handed over the digital keys.

Today, the website sits on page 1 of Google for various cleaning related search terms in their area and as far as I’m aware, still brings in a steady stream of new clients.

But after that “ordeal” lol, I could no longer visualize myself doing it as a career, whether I was getting paid or not!

I really don’t need that kind of stress in my life.

Besides, I’m no salesman and had no intention of becoming one.

Knocking on doors and cold calling busy business owners whilst competing with the other 100 or so designers in the area…

No thanks, it’s just not me.

Which Brings Us To Today

I decided to take a different route and Website Builder Wars was born.

Now, instead of working for people, I share my years of website building experience with you to help you create your own beautiful, effective website whether it’s for an existing business or startup.

Over To You

Well, I think that’s enough about me I’d love to hear a little about you.

What do you do and what would you like to achieve through your website? Let me know in the comments section below.

I look forward to speaking with you.