Wix Review (The Pros, Cons & Features Exposed)

There’s no doubt that Wix is one of the most popular website builders available today and they have millions of customers spanning the globe.

But just like most things in life, Wix definitely comes with its own set of pros and cons and we’ll be uncovering them today right here in this review.

Example deliveries website created with Wix
My Test Website Created Using Wix

In addition, we’ll also be taking a look at it’s features, real customer reviews, and of course pricing.

With that in mind, let’s go and see if Wix is a good fit for your business or project!

Disclosure: To be completely upfront, I may be compensated if you sign-up using the links below. My top priority is, and always will be to help you and my opinions/recommendations will never be swayed by a potential commision.

Wix Overview (Inc. Pros & Cons)

Website Builder Wars Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

The Pros (6 things I love about Wix)

  • 500+ beautiful design templates covering a wide range of industries.
  • Great for beginners, easily customize your site on the front-end.
  • Option to create your site by answering a series of questions (artificial intelligence).
  • A wide selection of business & marketing “add-on” features.
  • eCommerce tools to help you sell both physical & digital products.
  • Customize your site for mobile devices
  • Strong blogging platform to help you get the word out.
  • Video and written tutorials to guide you through the creation process.

The Cons (4 things that could be improved)

  • Once you’ve chosen a template you can’t change it without starting over.
  • No access to your website’s code for advanced customizations.
  • Create your website from a PC or laptop only.
  • The free and cheapest plan will display Wix branding on your site.

Free Website option? Yes

Premium Plans: Ranging from $5 – $25 per month when you sign up to a 1-year plan. Pay monthly options also available.

Bottom Line: Perfect for small business, restaurants, hotels, blogs, photography, wedding sites, and even small online stores.

Wix may not be right for you if you’re looking to create a larger store (hundreds of products) or you need access to your site’s code in which case Weebly may be a more suitable option.

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The Full, In-Depth, Juicy Review

1. Who’s Wix For?

As soon as I created my account, I was met with a menu asking me to decide what kind of website I’d like to create.

Choosing what type of website you'd like to create

For the purpose of this review, I chose business. 

In addition, Wix also caters for photographers, musicians, events, bloggers, health, wellness, fashion, beauty and education.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this is a basic option that every website builder would offer, but unfortunately, that’s not the case as I’ve found from my other reviews.

2. Templates – Beautiful, Customizable Designs To Suit Your Business or Project

Wix boasts a huge range of great looking, modern templates and is easily one of my favorite features. You also have the option of starting from scratch with a blank canvas if you’d rather.

You’ll find all Wix’s 500+ templates neatly filed away in categories including small business, online stores, restaurants, photography, blogs, designers, weddings, portfolios, and CV’s.

Six Wix templates from the business section
A Selection of Templates From The Business Category

And that’s not all. When you open up a category, you’re able to drill down even further

For example, I clicked on the “Business” category and was then met with sub-categories such as consulting & coaching, services & maintenance, advertising & marketing, automotive & cars, real estate, finance & law, technology & apps, and pets & animals.

The great thing is, all of the templates are pre-loaded with sample content including text, images, and forms which is great for anyone like me, who doesn’t have an artistic bone in their body.

Like when I created my test site for a removals company, it came equipped with a booking form especially for the removals industry where customers can see pricing and book directly online.

When it comes to customizing your template, Wix offers beginners a sense of freedom that you simply won’t find with most other website builders.

  • Want to change the site colors to match your brand? No problem.
  • Want to make that image larger or move it to the other side of the page? You can do that too.
  • Want to change the color of the text or change fonts completely? Yep, you guessed it!
Choose your template and begin customizing to make it your own!

3. Is Wix Easy To Use? (hint…yep)

When it comes to ease of use, Wix is definitely up there as one of the easiest I’ve tested.

However, at first glance, the Wix editor may look a little daunting thanks to all of the website building tools you have at your disposal.

It can be, so my advice is to take a few minutes to find your way around and settle in. If you’re unsure of what a particular tool does, all you need to do is hover over it and a short description will tell you exactly what it is.

Inside the wix website editor
The Standard Wix Editor

In no time at all, you’ll be editing text, uploading images, creating new pages and adding features such as contact forms and social media buttons.

All of which can easily be achieved thanks to Wix’s beginner-friendly, drag ‘n’ drop editor.

Editing a piece of text on a Wix site
Editing Text With Wix

4. Wix ADI – Hands-Free Website Creation…Almost

If all of the above sounds a little too much like hard work, then you should definitely consider taking Wix ADI for a whirl.

It stands for Artificial Design Intelligence and allows you to build your website by answering a series of questions about your business and also attempts to gather any existing information from your social media sites etc.

After sign-up, you have a choice of whether you wish to create a website yourself or take Wix ADI route.

Choose the Wix ADI Option
Choose How To Create Your Website

When complete, you can publish your site live to the web or you’ll have the option to manually edit your site in the usual way to customize it further which from my experience, you probably will need to do.

Still, it’s a great way to get the beginnings of a customized website and a much more “hands-off” approach.

5. Wix App Market – A Treasure Trove of Business & Marketing Features

When you’re done with the basics such as editing text and images, it’s time to start adding a little functionality to your website.

Many features such as a blog, contact form, image gallery, video, music, social media buttons and even a store for your site can all be added in the main Wix editor.

If you require a wider choice or more advanced features, say hello to the Wix App Market where you’ll find over 260 applications including a wide range of business and marketing tools.

adding bolt on features to your site
Inside The Wix App Market

Think of these apps as specific features that you can simply add-on to your website with just a single click.

Below are just a few of the Apps you can add to your site;

  • Wix Bookings -Allow your customers to schedule their own appointments online.
  • Wix Shoutout – Create a newsletter and grow your list of subscribers.
  • Freshbooks – Invoice clients and manage your expenses.
  • Wix Pro Gallery – Display your beautiful images.
  • Wix Hotels – Allow guests to book rooms directly through your site.
  • Wix Restaurants – Give your customers the option of reserving a table online.
  • Google Maps – Show your visitors where you are located.
  • Yelp – Display your Yelp reviews directly on your site.
  • Wix Contact Form – Allow potential customers to contact you.
  • Live Chat – Connect with your customers in real time.

The list continues with apps to create pricing tables, forums, live chat, calendars, add video etc.

Some of the Apps are made by Wix themselves and are free. Others are free but only available with premium plans and some are created by third-parties and there will be an additional cost involved.

6. Choose How Your Site Looks On Mobile Devices

After you’ve taken all that time to build your website and get to look exactly how you want, I imagine the last thing you want to be doing is creating a separate version for people using smartphones or tablet.

Fear not. Your website will automatically look good and functional properly “right out of the box”.

In addition, Wix gives you a separate mobile editor which you can switch to with just a click.

Whilst some may see that as a pain in the butt (excuse my language), I see it as a huge advantage because it allows you to streamline your visitor’s mobile experience.

See for yourself how my test site looks on a smartphone.

How my test site appears on a mobile device

I did have to move a couple of things around on my test site until it looked the way I wanted, but it only took a few minutes and I was very pleased with the result.

You’ll also have the option of adding a mobile menu bar which displays your contact details that when clicked, allows smartphone users to tap your phone number and call or email you directly.

This is a huge advantage if you’re creating a site for a local business.

7. Tools & Features – It’s All Here Waiting

We touched upon Wix’s app market earlier but I wanted to look at some of the most important and commonly used features in a little more detail;

Form builder: Wix has a basic contact form that allows visitors to contact you by entering their name, email, phone, subject line, and message and that’s about it. You’ll find a more advanced form builder in the App market that’ll allow you to bend forms to your will to create quotation forms and surveys etc.

Social media integration: Make it easy for people to share your content and follow you over to your social profiles by adding customizable buttons including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest,, Google Plus colorful buttons

Customer reviews/testimonials: Wix offers several ways for you to display testimonials on your website. You can either use a pre-made “section” which can be dragged over to your site and then edited (see below), or you can display your Yelp and Facebook reviews by using various apps.

Wix Testimonial Section
Display Your Testimonials With Pride

Appointment scheduling: If you’re a personal trainer, hair stylist, or Yoga instructor, or any other type of business that requires you taking one-on-one, or group bookings online, rest assured the Wix Bookings app allows you to do just that. Your clients have the option of making payments via PayPal or credit card directly through your website (free and premium version available).

Wix Booking app
Wix Bookings – Allow Clients To Schedule Appointments Online

Newsletter: Add a signup form to your site to start collecting visitors email addresses. Unlike most other website builders, Wix has an in-house email marketing solution called Wix Shoutout. While it’s great that it’s all under one roof and easily integrated, you’ll be confined to Wix’s ecosystem which could be an issue down the line if you ever decide to move.

Members login: Wix allows you to add a registration button to your website so visitors/clients can register as members. They’ll then be able to access password protected parts of your site which you control.

Search engine optimization: Wix gives you every chance to be found in Google and Bing by allowing you to change page titles & URL’s, add descriptions, set-up 301 redirects, add ALT tags to images for your visually impaired visitors, and they automatically create a sitemap for you which can then be submitted to help them find their way around your site.

Wix SEO Wizard asking to choose a description for the website
Wix SEO Wizard

Visitor stats: There are various hit counters and visitor stat tools available in the App Market. Personally, I’d prefer to create an account with Google Analytics. It’s free and Wix will even walk you through the setup process.

Blog: Whether you’re creating a standalone blog or integrating one into your main site, Wix will hand you the keys to all of the tools you’ll need to be successful. Add images, video, music, and social sharing buttons. You can organize articles into categories, add tags, schedule posts to publish at a later date and visitors can leave comments.

6 of Wix templates for blogs
A Small Selection of Wix’s Blogging Templates
Seen Enough Already? Click here to try Wix for yourself.

8. Create a (Small) Store To Sell Physical & Digital Products

Wix has a great selection of easy to use eCommerce tools and you can sell just about anything from your website.

From physical products such as cakes and coffee machines to digital products such as MP3’s and ebooks.

Just before we get into the details, I’d like to point out that there currently isn’t a way to import/export products making it a time-consuming and labor-intensive exercise if you have a large number of products.

Having said that, for more modest sized stores,  you could definitely do a lot worse than Wix.

Creating an online store

If you’re just starting out with the sole intention of creating an online store, I recommend choosing one of their dedicated online store templates that are pre-installed with what you need to begin selling online.

Should you create a site and decide a little further down the road that you wish to start selling your products online, all you have to add install the “online store” app and as if by magic, a store will be added to your website regardless of your template.

I plan to put Wix’s full eCommerce capabilities to the test in a separate review but until then, here are a few features you can expect when you create your store;

  • Add product galleries.
  • List multiple variations of each of your products such as different sizes and colors.
  • Create discount codes for your customers.
  • Calculator for tax and shipping costs.
  • Accept payments through Paypal and major credit cards.

If you plan to start selling products right off the bat, you’ll need to choose the eCommerce or VIP plan (more on pricing in a second), if it’s something you plan to do in the future, you can always upgrade your plan at a later date.

9. Customer Support & Training – It’s There, You Just Have To Find It

You’ll have access to a plethora of written tutorials and videos from the “WixEd” course (on their Youtube channel) which covers just about everything finding your way around the editor, to purchasing your own domain name, to ways to increase your web presence and just about everything in between!

WixEd Youtube channel
A Small Selection of The WixEd Video Tutorials

When it comes to contacting the support team, I’ll be the first to admit it could be easier.

They provide support by phone (request a callback), email ticket system, or through their forum but you’ll be forced to dig through all of the faq’s before you eventually find their contact details.

When I finally found the contact form, I fired off an email to put them to the test. To my surprise, I received a response to my email in just over an hour which answered my question fully. Not bad considering other platforms have left me waiting days for a reply.

Since then, I’ve contacted Wix on many occasions and always received quick, helpful responses but I can only speak from my own experiences. As you’ll see later, not everyone was happy with the service they received.

10. What Do Others Think of Wix?

Wix generally receives glowing reports from many of the major review sites such as Website Builder Expert who have Wix as their “Top Choice” and have scored is a whopping 4.8 out of 5.

When it comes to customer reviews, opinions differ drastically which is quite often the case.

  • G2Crowd – 4.1 out of 5 stars (average rating from 709 users)
  • FitSmallBusiness – 4 out of 5 stars (average rating from 154 users)
  • Trustpilot – 3.8 out of 10 (average rating from (590 users)

Reviews correct as of 02/22/2018

What people like: After studying hundreds of reviews, one of the main things to keep cropping up is that Wix is very easy to use. Many also loved the design templates and all of the integrations that are available (App Market) to add further functionality their sites.

What people Dislike: Most of the negative reviews (especially on TrustPilot) are criticizing the Wix support team and billing practices which is a shame to see. Personally, I’ve always received fantastic support but peoples experiences will obviously differ. I do feel that Wix should make it easier for people to contact them.

Some people said that at times, Wix felt quite “Clunky” while others found making changes to their site complicated.

11. Pricing – Which Plan Is Right For You?

As we touched upon above, Wix offers a free plan which you can use for as long as you wish. However, You will have ads displayed on your site and certain features will be restricted.

Should you decide to upgrade your account, here’s a breakdown of the premium plans;

Wix premium plan pricing table ranging from $5 to $25 per month
Prices are shown in USD

Notes: The prices shown above are for a one year plan paid in advance. 

Let’s take a quick look at each of the plans along with the costs;

Plan 1) Connect Domain – Best for personal or hobby sites (contains Wix ads)

  • $5/month (annual plan, billed upfront)
  • $7/month (monthly plan)

Plan 2) Combo – Best for small businesses, freelancers, & portfolios (no eCommerce). 

  • $10/month (annual plan, billed upfront)
  • $14/month (monthly)

Plan 3) Unlimited – Best for people who need more space (large photography sites etc)

  • $14/month (annual plan, billed upfront)
  • $16/month (monthly)

Plan 4)  eCommerce – Best for online shops

  • $17/month (annual plan, billed upfront)
  • $20/month (monthly)

Plan 5) VIP – 10 free email campaigns per month and a one-off site review from the team.

  • $25 per month (annual plan, billed upfront)
  • $30 per month (monthly plan)

Additional pricing considerations;

  • Wix will throw in a custom domain name (yourwebsitename.com) free for the first year (approx $20 value) with any annual plan.
  • A Personalized email address (example; contact@yourwebsite.com) will cost an additional $5/month through Google’s G Suite via Wix.

12. The Final Verdict

To sum up, Wix provides a fantastic, versatile platform to create your own website for your business, modest online store, or project with relative ease.

“Plugging-into” one of their industry-specific templates preloaded with sample content will save you bags of time rather than starting from scratch and they have a plethora of apps allowing you to add functionality to your site.

I’m not ashamed to say that it’s one of my personal faves but….

As we’ve discovered here, Wix isn’t perfect. I’m yet to find a website builder (or anything else for that matter) that is.

That’s why I always recommend starting with the free plan and taking a couple of days to make sure it’s the right fit for you before deciding whether or not to commit.

Click here to try Wix for free (no credit card required).

If you have any questions or you’d like to share your own experience of Wix (good or bad) please fire away in the comments section below.

I’ll get back to you as soon as I possibly can!

Lee Raybould

Welcome! I’m definitely no “techie” but I do have years of experience creating websites for myself and others. I created this site to guide you through this brave new world of do-it-yourself website builders and help you find the right platform for your business or project.

So, kick off your shoes and make yourself at home. Oh, if you need any help along the way, just ask!

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