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WebStarts vs Wix (Not as Close as I First Thought)

After recently giving my WebStarts review a good old update, I thought it was time I compared it against its peers to see how it stacks up.

An uneven set of weighing scalesFor it’s first head-to-head, WebStarts will be going up against Wix which I’ve come to think of as the industry standard in do-it-yourself website builders.

Today, I’ll dig deep to present you with the similarities between these two platforms and more importantly, the main differences with the sole aim of helping you make an informed decision.

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WebStarts Review (The Best Start For Your Website?)

I doubt that WebStarts was the first company to pop up when you began your search for a website builder online.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t offer a simple and intuitive way for even a complete novice to build a website for their business.

Because they definitely do as you’ll discover for yourself right here in this review.

Webstarts test website

My Test Site Created with WebStarts

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Best 2 Website Builders For Bands & Musicians (Yep, Just The 2!)

As a lover of both classic and modern rock, there’s nothing I like more than going to watch a band in my local area on a Friday evening.

Concert scene with brights lights covering the stage and silhouettes of fans in the foregroundI have my favorites and while I subscribe to their Facebook pages to stay up to date, you’d be surprised as to how few actually have their own website.

I actually find it a little frustrating…

I want to be able to browse their site, learn about their history, influences, about the musicians themselves and maybe even purchase their albums.

These are just a few advantages of having your own website. It’s a place to build your brand and somewhere to call (digital) home.

With that in mind, I rolled up my sleeves and spent hours testing various website builders and came up with what I believe to be the best platforms to help you achieve it as quickly, and as easily as possible.

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Bandzoogle Review (Musicians, Look No Further)

If you’ve arrived at this review, you’re probably already aware that Bandzoogle is dedicated purely to helping bands and musicians create a presence online.

In my experience, these “niche” specific website builders are quite often thin, flimsy products and the company behind them doesn’t really understand the needs of the audience they’re targeting.

I’m pleased to say, Bandzoogle is the polar opposite of such platforms.

My test site created using Bandzoogle. A black and white image of a guitarist jumping in the air with my main menu running down the left hand side of the screen.

My Test Site Created With Bandzoogle

Started by musician Chris Vinson way back in 2003 when do-it-yourself builders were still in their infancy, Bandzoogle has now grown into a one-stop shop that helps you create a digital stage for your music and connect with your fans.

I have to admit, I’m not a musician myself but I’m very impressed with what Bandzoogle has to offer and I’ll be walking you through those things today.

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Yola vs Weebly Comparison (I’ve Picked My Winner, What About You?)

Today, we’ll be putting Yola and Weebly against each other in a battle to the death…

old fashioned scales with a blue and red ball equally balancedBit much? Yeah, you’re probably right.

Instead, I’ll walk you through the things that these two website builders have in common and more importantly, the main differences.

After all, it’s the differences that’ll help you make up your mind as to which platform will suit you best.

Let’s jump straight in.

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