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Business Websites vs Facebook Pages: Who Will Stand Victorious?

Two Knights battling with swordsYou’re probably wondering if it’s really worth the effort and cost of building a website for your business when you could just create a Facebook Page instead.

I mean, all you need to do is log into your Facebook account, create a page, add a little information about your business, throw in a few images and you’re done.

After all, everyone uses Facebook so you’re bound to attract some new customers right?

Maybe, but before you dive in, let’s go and take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both options to see what roles they play within your overall online marketing strategy.

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How To Purchase Your First Website Domain Name

Man using a laptop with a domain registrar on the screen whilst drinking a coffeeWhen I first started building websites, domain names along with almost everything else, seemed like a foreign language to me.

I didn’t know what they were, let alone how to go about purchasing one.

Once I finally found out where to get one, I was met with a ton of “optional extras” during the checkout process.

Which ones did I need and which were a waste a money?

I didn’t have a clue!

But as with anything in life, now that I’ve done it a few times it’s become second nature to me.

With that in mind, I’ll walk you through the entire process below and I promise to keep it a jargon-free zone.

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Choosing The Right Domain Name For Your Business Website

website address barI know first hand that choosing a domain name (website address) for your business website can be a daunting experience.

If you’re anything like me, then I’ll hazard a guess that the following questions are probably floating around your head as they did mine;

  • Should I use my business name?
  • What if my business name’s already taken?
  • Can I use numbers and hyphens?
  • Dot com or country specific address?

It’s important to understand there’s no right or wrong answer and nothing’s set in stone.

Below are my personal views on the subject from things that I’ve learned, as well as my own experiences along the way.

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Is it Hard To Make a Website and Should You Even Try?

Woman with laptop at her desk at the office It’s true!

Just about anyone can create their own website and be live on the internet in just a few minutes thanks to all of the do-it-yourself website builders out there that make the process a breeze.

However, once your site is up and running, that’s when the work really begins.

So, let’s look at the question again;

Is it hard to build a website? Nope.

Is it hard to build a successful website? Now, that’s a whole different story.

Throughout the rest of this article, I’ll walk you through the 5 steps of a successful website so you can see exactly what’s involved.

This will help you decide whether you really have the time and patience to do it yourself or if you’d be better off calling in the pros!

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What’s The Difference Between a Domain, Hosting and a Website?

Laptop with a hosting company on sceen sat on a desk with a cup of coffee and office equipementI’ve got to tell you, I feel a little embarrassed.

You see, one of the most confusing things when starting a website is trying to get your head around the technical stuff like domain names, web hosting, and the actual website itself.

With this in mind, I’ve just realized that nowhere on this site have I covered the subject
in depth.

Sure, I’ve mentioned it here and there, but it’s about time that I addressed the subject properly and help you cut through the technical jargon and leave you in no doubt as to what these things are and the difference between them.

Although it’s an important subject, this could end up being one of my shortest posts to date which will probably come as a welcome change if you’re a regular reader.

In fact, I think I can hear the sighs of relief from here!

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Free Website Builder Pros and Cons: 6 Things You Should Know

Laptop, tools and a blueprint of a website laid out on a tableI’d like to start by saying that I have nothing against do-it-yourself website builders such as Weebly, Wix, and Squarespace.

On the contrary.

I think they’re a fantastic way for “non-techies” to create a business website, online store, or even a personal website without the expense of hiring a professional.

In fact, I’ve dedicated this whole site to helping people do just that.

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