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IM XPRS Website Builder Review 2018 – Let’s Take It Apart

When I first signed up to IM XPRS in order to create my test website for this review, I was a little confused as to the difference between the two options I was met with, XPRS and IM Creator.

To save you spending time trying to figure it out, it turns out that XPRS is the newer, re-vamped version of IM Creator (both are still available) which has millions of existing users and many positive reviews already out there on the internet.

Test website - a fictional cleaning business website created with XPRS

My Test Website Created With XPRS

It’s XPRS that we’ll be reviewing today and with that in mind, let’s get stuck in and see exactly what it has to offer!

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Wix Review 2018 (The Pros, Cons & Features Exposed)

There’s no doubt that Wix is one of the most popular website builders available today and they have millions of customers spanning the globe.

But just like most things in life, Wix definitely comes with its own set of pros and cons and we’ll be uncovering them today right here in this review.

Example deliveries website created with Wix

My Test Website Created Using Wix

In addition, we’ll also be taking a look at it’s features, real customer reviews, and of course pricing.

With that in mind, let’s go and see if Wix is a good fit for your business or project!

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Strikingly vs Weebly – Comparison 2018

Welcome to this Strikingly and Weebly comparison where I’m expecting it to be a close fought battle.

red and blue ball on the opposite sides of a perfectly balanced set of scalesYou see, from my experience, they both have ease of use at the top of their priority list so I think this battles going to be won in other areas depending on your requirements.

I’m just as intrigued as you are at this point to see who comes out on top so let’s get stuck in!

Comparison Overview

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Jimdo Review 2018 | The Pros, Cons, & Pricing Uncovered

I don’t mind telling you that I’m a little embarrassed…

You see, I’ve been creating sites with various website builders for years now, but up until fairly recently, I didn’t even realize Jimdo even existed.

My jimdo test site created using the Jimdo Dolphin Feature

My Jimdo Test Site

Turns out that I must have been living under a rock because the German-based has 20 million users spreading across the globe and counting.

I think it’s about time I rolled up my sleeves, get stuck in and find out what exactly Jimdo has to offer and that’s exactly what we’ll be doing together in this review.

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Strikingly vs WordPress – Comparison 2018

Welcome to this comparison where we’ll be pitting Strikingly and WordPress against each other.

a set of perfectly balanced old fashioned scales

Before we get into it, I wanted to let you know that I’ve been a WordPress user myself for years.

Does that mean this comparison is going to be biased?

Nope, far from it!

You see, I recently reviewed Strikingly and I was very impressed with their offering.

Besides, these platforms are two different animals and there isn’t a “right” option, only what’s right for you.

With that said, we’ll be comparing these platforms on their designs, ease of use, flexibility, customer support, and pricing.

Shall we get stuck in?

Comparison Outline

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