Squarespace Pricing Review – How Much Will Your Website Really Cost?

I can’t say I blame you for considering creating your website with Squarespace (read my full review).

a look at how much a squarespace website will costAfter all, they have some of the most beautiful templates in the industry, a robust eCommerce platform, you can customize your site in great detail, and not forgetting the lightning fast responses from the support team.

But, out of the four plans available, which is the right plan for you and how much is your potential new website actually going to cost I hear your cry?

Well, let’s go and take a look.

Squarespace Pricing overview

When you click over to the Squarespace pricing page, you’ll be confronted with 4 options as you can see below;

  1. Personal plan – $12/month billed annually (or $16 month-to-month)
  2. Business plan – $18/month billed annually (or $26 month-to-month)
  3. Basic online store – $26/month billed annually (or $30 month-to-month)
  4. Advanced online store – $40/month billed annually (or $46 month-to-month)

The good news is, all of the above plans include;

  • Ability to purchase a domain name (web address) or bring over one that you already own and attach it to your website.
  • Unlimited bandwidth (space on your website for visitors, images and videos etc).
  • Hosting (the thing that powers your website).
  • Access to all of Squarespace’s stunning templates.
  • Your website will be mobile friendly with no additional work required.
  • SSL website security for your visitors’ piece of mind.
  • Support around the clock (email response within an hour from my experience).
  • Advertisement free.
  • Ability to add a store to your site.

Wait, No Free Website Option?

The first thing to strike me about Squarespace was the lack of a free website option. After all, may of Squarecpaces closest competitors offer this feature.

In my view and I’ve said this many times, Squarespace is a business and the ultimate goal of any business is to make a profit.

As good as the free option from other platforms may seem, there are usually downsides such as not being able to connect a domain that you own, advertisements, and restricted features.

If you intend on creating a website for your business or a portfolio, then the chances are at some point, you’ll want to upgrade your account to a premium plan anyway to give a more professional look.

Instead of a free account, Squarespace offers a 14-day risk-free trial where you can sign up and put them through their paces and see if the platform’s a good fit before deciding whether to commit financially.

In my humble opinion, 14 days is ample time to make up your mind.

Squarespace Website Plans and Pricing – A Closer Look

Pricing tables for personal and business sites
Personal and Business Plans

Plan 1) Personal – $12 per month

This is the cheapest plan of the bunch and although classed as personal,  it’s more than adequate for small businesses, freelancers, and portfolio sites of up to 20 pages.

The $12 per month price tag applies when you sign up for a 1 year period and you’ll be billed for the whole twelve months upfront costing a total of $144.

Squarespace does offer a month-to-month plan, but that will set you back $16 each month and you’ll end up paying $192 in total over the year.

With an annual plan, they’ll throw in a custom domain name of your choice (your web address) which will cost approximately $20 per year.

Other costs to consider with the Personal plan

Email: As Squarespace doesn’t offer an in-house email solution, you can get a customized email address to match your domain name through Google (G Suite) which will set you back around $5 per month (or $50 per year billed annually).

The good news is you’ll be billed directly through Squarespace to keep things a little more manageable.

eCommerce: I love Squarespace’s eCommerce features and you can definitely dip your toe in the water of selling online with the Personal plan. Having said that, it’s not the cheapest way to do things as you’ll have to pay a transaction fee’s of 3% on each sale you make.

As I said, not a bad way to test things out but if you intend to create an online store right away, you may want to consider one of the dedicated eCommerce plans which we’ll be looking at in just a minute.

Plan 2) Business – $18 per month

Again, the $18 per month takes effect when you sign up for an annual plan which comes to $216.

Alternatively, you can choose the month-to-month option which set you back $26 per month and $312 over the course of the year. A huge saving to be had here.

This Business plan’s suitable for people who require an unlimited amount of pages. Think mid to large businesses and photographers with a digital ton of pictures to showcase.

You get all of the features of the personal plan plus;

  • Unlimited website pages
  • $100 Google Adwords voucher to attracting visitors to your new site.
  • A free personalized email address from Google for the first year.
  • Lower percentage commisions on eCommerce (only 2% on sales).

Squarespace eCommerce Plans

Two pricing plans for eCommerce stores
eCommerce Packages

Plan 3) Basic online store – $26 per month

The basic eCommerce plan goes behind the needs of a  standard business site and is geared towards those who want to create an online store to sell physical or digital products

The annual payment costs $312 (12 x $26) or the pay monthly option is set at $30 per month.

I recommend starting with this plan for your online store. When you need more features, you can always upgrade later. No point in spending more than you need to right?

One of the most noticeable features of the eCommerce plans is that you won’t have to pay any transaction fee’s on your sales.

In addition to that, you’ll get everything available in the standard website plans as well as;

  • Access to accounting software.
  • Ability to print shipping labels.
  • Inventory tracking, tax calculator and the ability to offer discounts.
  • Ability to create accounts for your customers.

Plan 4) Advanced eCommerce –  $40 per month

When you’re ready for this plan, an annual subscription will cost $480.

Alternatively, you can pay 12 x payments of $46 which works out to $552 meaning you’ll save $72 by choosing an annual plan.

The advantages to choosing the Advanced plan are;

  • Everything in the previous plans.
  • Gift cards which can be entered at the checkout entitling the visitor to a discount.
  • Send reminders to customers who have abandoned their carts to help maximize sales.
  • Automatically calculates shipping costs based on USPS current rates.

Squarespace Pricing Comparison

I know that at first site Squarespace may not seem like the cheapest option but the truth is, it plans are right on par with other website building platforms as you can see below/

Squarespace Pricing vs WordPress

If you decide to go down the self-hosted route and create your website with WordPress, you’ll need to purchase your own domain name at roughly $12 per year plus a separate web hosting company.

I pay just over $130 per year over at Siteground for a fairly basic plan.

WordPress cost = 142 per year.

On top of this, you’ll also have to pay for a premium theme (template) if you can’t find a suitable free one. Themes can range from $20 – $100+.

Oh, and good luck trying to find an all-inclusive support center should you need help like you have with Squarespace

Squarespace vs Wix Pricing

We already know that Squarespace’s cheapest plan is $12 per month.

Wix, one of their biggest competitors, their cheapest plan comes in at just $5 but only allows you to connect a domain name to your website so really, it’s a fair comparison.

A more like-for-like plan would be Wix unlimited costing $14 per month (billed annually).

However, you won’t have access to any eCommerce tools on this plan and you’ll still have to pay an extra 4 or 5 dollars per month for a personalized email address as with Squarespace.

If you want access to the Wix eCommerce platform, you’ll have to shell out $17 per month.

Conclusion – Which Plan is Right For You?

You could spend hours combing through the details of each plan so I’d like to offer a little advice if I may?

If you haven’t signed up yet, I recommend starting with the 14-day free trial to get a feel for things and make sure Squarespace is for you.

After that, if you’re creating a portfolio or a website to showcase your business, start out with the Personal plan.

There’s more than enough juice in this plan to get you started. You can always upgrade to the Business plan down the road if you need to.

If you plan to sell products through an online store right away, consider the basic eCommerce plan. Again, you can start out with the cheaper plan and upgrade to Advanced if and when you need to.

Click here to choose your plan and get started!

I sincerely hope I’ve helped clear things up in regards to which plan you should choose.

If I’ve only made things worse or you still have questions, please fire away in the comments section below and I’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible!

5 thoughts on “Squarespace Pricing Review – How Much Will Your Website Really Cost?”

  1. Thanks, this is just what I needed. I couldn’t figure out the deal with eCommerce commissions and now I know. It’s when you upgrade to the e-commerce plan from the business plan. That alone probably makes it worth it if my goal from the get-go is to sell physical products. Also, I didn’t know that the personal plan could be used as a small business plan, but my goals include selling physical inventory. So you’re right, I think the basic business plan is the right choice.

    All in all, thanks for taking the time to review. It saved me the time it would take to find out all this stuff myself!

  2. I want to have an online monthly membership that houses video, workshops & courses. Would Square space support this. I do not have a website yet but I am looking at all the options out there.

    1. Hi Sherry, Squarespace could handle this but with the help of a third party app called Memberspace. You’d first have to create your website with Squarespace and then add the app which comes with an additional charge starting at $25/mo.

      Alternatively, Weebly is another solid option for your membership site. If you intend to charge for your courses which I assume you do, then again, you’ll need the help of another app this time called Paid Members. You’d need to be on the Weebly pro plan and then the paid members app starts at $9.97/mo with a 10-day free trial to make sure it does everything you need before committing.

      I hope that helps Sherry, I’d love to know which platform you end up choosing.

      1. Hi Lee
        Thanks so much for the info. So many platforms to choose from and hard to know which one is best. I have been looking at Kartra for the end to end management. I do like the paid members however because I already use the square.
        I will let you know what I decide.

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